How To Remove Background Using PicsArt (Eraser Tool)

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Everyone loves to take photos at their special event or the memorable moment but taking photos in that kind of place everyone faces bad photo background issues in their images because a lot of people are surrounding in your back or any other subject is in your background. PicsArt is the world’s best Photo & video editing App that is available on the Google Play store. It Provides you with Premium Tools & features for your editing also you have a complete studio in which you have thousand of Fonts & Effects, stickers, and in PicsArt Remove Background and also you can change the background or add a different color to it. PicsArt Remove Background is one of the best features of this editing app which increases its popularity of this App. 

What is PicsArt Background Remover Tool

PicsArt Remove Background is the solution to your bad background with the help of this feature everyone can remove the background of their photo and also you can remove the unwanted subject from your photos. This is the perfect app for those who love a clear background in their photo without any other subjects.

PicsArt bg remover tool is the latest tool that is available for photo background remover you are so lucky that you are reading this article because a lot of people are still searching for how to use background Eraser tools. Follow the below point step by step for how to use Eraser Tool in using PicsArt App.

How To Remove Background using PicsArt

One question may come to your mind how to erase the background in PicsArt? After reading and following the below guide you will find the answer to your question also After reading the guide you can easily erase the background of your photo.

  • You need open to open the PicsArt App for removing the Photo background. After in the drop-down menu click on the background removal tool.
  • Choose a Photo from your gallery by clicking on the plus icon at your bottom. Move to the next step.
  • After uploading the Photo you can start removing the photo background by using the eraser tool at your bottom you can adjust the eraser size according to your photo if you make any mistake you can also undo that and try again.
  • After removing the background you can add your favorite background by clicking on the gallery option you can select the background from your gallery also if you don’t have background images you can add color to the background of your photo.
  • Now you can save your photo by clicking on the save button.


PicsArt is the best app for beginners in this app you have all of the that is important for editing the interface of this app is user-friendly and also you to choose any tool you can also create drawings & sketching with the help of the PicsArt tool. Background Remove is one of the best features that make PicsArt a great app you can also replace and Blur the background of your images. I hope after reading this blog you are ready to use the PicsArt remove background Tool. Thanks for Reading.

Frequently ASK Questions (FAQs)

Yes, After downloading PicsArt you can use these features for Free.

Yes, you have also a subject removal in PicsArt.

There is so many other bg remover app but I recommend PicsArt.