How To Use PicsArt Background Blur Online Tool on Photos

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If you are wondering how a Professional Photographer can get a blurry effect on their Photos. This is all done by a Professional Editor also it significantly depends upon the camera setting the camera that is used in taking that kind of blurry effect are really expensive and not everyone can effort that camera.

You don’t need to buy a camera for the Background Blur Effect. Download PicsArt Photo & Video Editing App in which you will find a PicsArt Background Blur Effect that makes your Photo Background Blur. Everyone doesn’t know how to use PicsArt Background Blur Effects in their Photos, so I have explained all the details below.

Why you need PicsArt Background Blur Tool

In today’s world, everyone loves to take photos and post them on Facebook and Instagram. Normally the Photos are taken by your friend or family member at your special events. sometimes you love the photo but in the background, someone is surrounding that looks really bad. PicsArt Background blur Effects blur the background of your Photo after that your photo looks better. 

You just need to upload your photo and after you can apply the PicsArt background Blur Effects to your photo if you see something in your background that does not look great you can erase that unwanted subject from your photo after that you can save the photo. Now you are ready to post the photo on social media.

How to Blur the Background of Photos

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After taking photo everyone need to edit them perfectly and you need to give a professional touch to your photo. Today I’m guiding you on how to give blurry effects to your photos. Follow these below steps for blurry effects.

Upload your Photo

PicsArt is a user-friendly App. You can easily add blurry effects to your photos. First, you just need to select the photo to that you want to add a blurry effect. Now Open your PicsArt App after opening your app you see a Plus sign click on that sign at the right bottom. Now search your photo which you want to edit and open it.

Apply PicsArt background Blur Tool

Access to the effects icon you need to scroll down your screen. You have multiple blurry effects in the effects panel for finding these effects click on the effect panel and select your favorite effect you can find different varieties in these effects you can also adjust the intensity of the blurry effect.

Erase unwanted Subjects in your Photo

You can also erase any subject or background of your photo by clicking on the pencil icon that is placed on the top of the app screen after that you can easily erase unwanted subjects from your photo by using your finger to swipe it out. Apply pinch-zooming for clearing the subject from the edge of your photo also by using both of your fingers you can easily zoom in or zoom out your photo.

Apply Change

After editing your photo and adding different blurry effects you have to click on the application icon on the right top of your screen. It takes some seconds for the modification. Keep in your mind after clicking on the applied change you have to check that the change made in your photo is saved.

Save & Share

You have successfully added the blurry effect in your photo after editing you can save your photo. Now you are ready to upload this photo on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter you can also share this picture with the PicsArt community in which you find thousand of images that are uploaded by the PicsArt community.


PicsArt is the world’s best Photo & Video Editing App in which you find all the Premium tools including PicsArt Background Blur Effects that make your Photo more beautiful. You can also change the background images of your photos and add different colors to them. In the PicsArt app, you have all the premium colors and free images that you can use in your background. Hope this blog will help you in your photo editing. If you have any questions you can comment to me below. 

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Frequently ASK Questions (FAQs)

Upload your Photo, Apply background Blur Effects, Erase unwanted subjects save & share.

Yes, You will find Blur Effects in PicsArt App.