How to Remove Alight Motion Watermark?

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Alight Motion is the Most Powerful Photo & Video Editing app and it’s Famous for its Motion Graphics Feature. If you are a Regular user of the Alight Motion MOD APK you may see an Alight Motion Watermark in your animation, Photos, and Videos. While the watermark serves as a promotion for the app, it can be frustrating when you want to create content without any branding or you want to Post your work on Social Media. There are different ways to Remove Alight Motion Watermark. In this article,  We will guide you on How to Remove Alight Motion Watermark.

How to Remove the Alight Motion Watermark

How to Remove Alight Motion Watermark

There are three methods of Removing the Alight Motion Watermark all the methods are very easy and simple. Below are the three Methods for Removing the watermark.

Upgrading to the Pro Version

The First method of removing the watermark is by upgrading to the Pro subscription of the Alight Motion App. You can Buy the Pro Subscription from the Alight Motion app and it allows users to remove the watermark and access all Premium features and Tools, such as the ability to export in 1080p and 4K.

Follow the below steps for Buying the Pro Subscription.

  • Go to Google and Search Alight Motion App
  • Now Open the official website on your device
  • Click on the drop-down menu in the top left corner
  • Click on “Upgrade to Pro”
  • Now Add the Payment Detail and buy the Pro Subscription

Cropping the Video

The Second method is that if you do not want to buy a Pro Subscription of the Alight Motion, another way to remove the Alight Motion watermark is by cropping the video. This method is less effective than upgrading to the Pro version, as it will reduce the size of your video.

Follow the below steps for Cropping.

  • Open the App on your Mobile
  • Now open the video you want to Crop
  • Click on the video with the watermark
  • Now Adjust the Cropping rectangle to remove the watermark
  • Click on the Checkmark to Apply the crop

Using a Video Editing Software

The third method of removing the Alight Motion watermark is to use video editing software, you can remove the watermark by importing the video into the software and cropping it.

Follow the below steps for Cropping the video using Software.

  • Open the watermark removing Software on your device
  • Export the video from Aligt Motion
  • Now import it into your Software
  • Crop the video to Remove the watermark
  • Save the edited video

What is Alight Motion Watermark?

Alight Motion Watermark

Alight Motion Watermark is Logo or text that is automatically added to any video or animation created using the Alight Motion app. The watermark is a way for the app to promote its product. Alight Motion Watermark is not particularly intrusive, it can be distracting and may detract from the overall quality of the video or animation. Therefore, many users may want to remove the watermark to make their content look more professional or to avoid any potential copyright issues. 

Normally Users use the MOD version of the App that why the app shows the watermark to prompt their app but when you Buy the Pro subscription from the App. it will not show you any kind of Watermark.

Why Remove the Alight Motion watermark?

Alight Motion Promot their app by showing watermarks in their videos and animation. There are multiple reasons why users want to remove Alight Motion Watermark. Clients do want to see watermarks on their Photos and Graphics. For Content Creators, it can be distracting and take away from the content to viewers. Additionally, if you’re using the app for business purposes, you may not want to promote the app within your content.

What is Alight Motion?

Alight Motion is the world Famous Photo Editing and Motion Graphics App. That Provides hundreds of Advanced Editing Tools and Features to their users. Alight Motion App allows users to Create High-Quality Graphics, animation, and video Editing on their mobile. It also has a wide range of Fonts and Filters that make your Graphics and video editing more attractive and eye catchy.

Tips for Removing the Alight Motion Watermark

Here are a few additional tips to keep in mind when removing the Alight Motion watermark.

  • If you’re using the MOD Version of Alight Motion, the watermark will be applied to all of your graphics, animations, and videos.
  • When cropping the video, be sure to adjust the cropping rectangle carefully to avoid cutting out any important parts of your video.
  • If you’re using video editing software, save the edited video and images in the appropriate file format for your needs.


Removing the Alight Motion watermark is a simple and easy process that can be done in a few different methods. If you want to remove the watermark completely and access Pro features and Tools, you can buy the Pro Subscription to this app. If you don’t want to buy Pro Subscription, You can use the Editing software that crops the video and images effectively. We provide you with all the information on how to remove the Alight Motion watermark. If you have any questions you can comment below.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Yes, It’s Legal you can remove the Watermark easily.

Yes, It Can be Effect your video or animation Pixels.

Yes, You can use the third-party app but it’s not recommended.