How to Use Alight Motion App on Android

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Are you looking for an App For Creating Professional Videos and Graphics using Android? You are in the right place Alight Motion App is the Famous Motion Graphics and Video Editing App that Provide very powerful Editing Tools and features to its Users that help them to Create Graphics, animation, video editing, and a lot more. With this app, you can also add visual effects, text, and audio to your videos, as well as animate your graphics and add special effects. Alight Motion is available for both iOS and Android devices, and it’s free to download.

You should want to Know how to use Alight motion app on Android. You Do not need to worry because, in this article, We will guide you completely on how to use Alight Motion and how to do editing in this app so keep reading.

How to Use Alight Motion App

How to Use Alight Motion App

Before using Alight Motion App, download this app from our website or from the Google Play store for Free. The interface of this app is user-friendly and it’s very easy to use. The main screen is divided into four sections: the media browser, the timeline, the layer timeline, and the viewer. Each section has a specific purpose, and we’ll cover them in more detail in the below Steps. And Guide you on how to Alight Motion App.

Basic Editing Tools

This Provide you with a lot of basic editing tool that helps new user to do their editing easily. These tools include trimming, splitting, and resizing your video clips. You can also adjust the speed of your clips and add transitions between them.

Import Video or Media File

Open the Alight Motion app on your device. Before starting editing you need to import your video into this app. You just need to click on the Media Browser and Select your file or video. This app allows you to use High-Quality Multiples formats, MP3, and MP4. MVO and others.

Adding Text and Titles

How to Use ALight Motion

By using this Tool users can add text and Titles to their videos. This is the Premium Feature of this App. Alight Motion Provides a Complete Library where you have hundreds of multiple styles of font, Sizes, and Colors to create stunning titles and captions for your videos.

Applying Visual Effects

This is My favorite Feature of the Alight Motion App. This App Provides you with a variety of Visual Effects and Filters that help users to make their videos more attractive and Beautiful. These effects include color correction, filters, and overlays. You can also create your own custom effects using Alight Motion’s keyframe animation tools.

Use Multiples Layers

Layers are very important in video editing. Alight Motion App Provides you with unlimited layers that help you to add multiple elements, graphics, and animation to your video. You can add images, videos, and text to separate layers and adjust their position, opacity, and blending modes.

Adding Audio to Your Video

You can add different audio to your video this app allows you to add your own audio by importing you can add audio by using Layers. You can import music or sound effects into your project and adjust the volume and timing of your audio tracks.

Exporting Your Video

How to USe Alight Motion MOD APK App

After completing your Video Editing in Alight Motion App. Now you can Export your video. Alight Motion allows you to export your video in a variety of High-Quality formats and resolutions, MP4, MP3 MVO, and 4K. You can also choose from a variety of aspect ratios, including 16:9 and 1:1.

Advanced Editing Techniques

Alight Motion also includes a variety of advanced editing techniques that you can use to take your video Editing to the next level. These techniques include creating animations using keyframes, using masks to create special effects, and creating motion graphics. Here is the Guide on how to use Alight Motion and its advanced Editing Tools.

Creating Animations with Keyframes

This is the most powerful feature of the Alight Motion app. Keyframes allow you to create complex animations by setting specific points in time where the properties of your media files change. With Alight Motion, you can animate the position, scale, rotation, opacity, and more.

Using Masks to Create Special Effects

Masks are another powerful tool of this amazing editing app that users can use to create amazing effects. Masks allow you to isolate specific parts of your video or image and apply effects to them. For example, you can use a mask to blur out the background of your video and focus on a specific subject.

Creating Motion Graphics

Alight Motion is also a great tool for creating motion graphics. With the app’s layer-based system and keyframe animation tools, you can create complex animations and graphics that can be used in a variety of projects, including video intros, promotional videos, and more.

Downloading and Installing Alight Motion

To get started with Alight Motion, you’ll need to download and install the app on your mobile device. This is available for both iOS and Android devices. Make sure you download this app from the Trusted website. Here is the Process for Downloading and installation.

  • Go to the Google Play store or Visit our websites
  • On our picsapkstudio website Click on the Alight Motion article and Click on the Download Button
  • Waite for Countdown End
  • Now Click Again on the Download Button
  • Complete the download Process
  • After Downloading Open the file and Install the App on your device
  • The Alight Motion app has been downloaded and installed on your device


Alight Motion is a powerful video editing app that allows you to create high-quality Motion Graphics, animation, and videos using your mobile device. With its wide range of features and tools, you can create stunning videos and animations that look like professional productions. By following the tips in this article about Alight Motion features, you can create professional-quality videos that will impress your audience. I hope this article finds you well if you have any questions you can comment to me below.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

No, Alight Motion is currently only available for mobile devices.

Yes, Alight Motion allows you to export your videos in a variety of resolutions, including MP4. MP3 and others.

This is the Best App for Beginners and professionals in this app you have all the basic and Advanced Tools for editing.