Alight Motion Vs Capcut Which Video Editing App Better

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In today’s world, everyone looking for a professional App to use for their business or personally.  There is multiples app available on the internet with basic features and tools. Alight Motion and Capcut are the most famous and Advanced App on the internet that Provides Premium Features and Tools to their user that helps them to make their Editing look Amazing. 

These both are Advanced apps that Provide Graphics, Visual Effects, Stylish Fonts, and a lot of other amazing features that help you to make your editing look attractive. In this article, we will provide you with Complete information about Alight Motion vs Capcut it’s Features and Pricing.

Alight Motion Vs Capcut

Alight Motion

Alight Motion is the Famous Motion Graphics and Video Editing App that Offers Multiples Tools to their user to make their editing looks great. Alight Motion is a Paid app that Provides Paid Subscriptions to their user It Cost $0.99 Weekly, $4.99 Monthly, and $28.99 Yearly. 

After Buying Paid Subscription you can Unlokced All of its Premium Tools and Features and by using these Premium Features you can Create your videos and Graphics Professionally. Alight Motion App also provides a Complete library of Stylish Fonts, Premium Effects, and Stickers. If you Do not want to Buy Paid Subscription to Alight Motion you can Download Alight Motion MOD APK Free and use all the Features and Tools.


Capcut is also a Famous Photo and Video Editing App that is Free to use and Developed by ByteDance. This Company also Developed the World Famous Social Media Apps TikTok and Douyin. Capcut Provide a Wide range of Features and Tools that help users to make their video, animation, and Graphics looks more attractive and eye catchy. Capcut Provides Some Premium Features including Graphics, Animation, Visual Effects, Stylish Fonts, and also other amazing Tools. If you are Confused about choosing the best app you can read the below article about Alight Motion vs Capcut.

Features Comparison of Alight Motion and Capcut Apps

Features of Alight Motion and Capcut


Graphics is the most amazing feature of Alight Motion that helps the user to create their favorite animation and motion graphics. Alight Motion Vector Graphics Features allow the user to create their Favorite Design using Path and shape Gradients. Alight Motion Graphics Feature helps users create animated videos, motion Graphics, and text animation.

Capcut also offers a huge range of Graphics Features that make the user editing look amazing. With the help of Capcut user-friendly interface users can easily add Various Effects, Filters animation to their videos. Capcut has a Complete library of Graphics Filters such as black white and vintage to add an amazing touch to their videos. CapCut provides tools to adjust video speed and add slow-motion or time-lapse effects to videos.

Visual Effects

Alight Motion App offers a wide range of visual effects that help you to make your video look professional. Alight Motion provides a Complete library of Visual Effects in which users have thousands of Premium Quality Visual effects so you can add a creative touch to your videos. Some of the popular effects include glitches, particles, lens flare, chromatic aberration, and 3D distortion.

The App visual effects feature Provide multiple filter option to adjust the color and tone of your videos. Capcut text effect features help you to add animated text with different font styles, colors, and animations. Another feature is the stickers and emojis collection, which offers a vast collection of different categories. 

Export Formats

This is the most important feature that makes your video Quality Good. Alight Motion offers multiple High-Quality formats that allow you to download your video in MP3, MP4, MVO, and other Formats.

Capcut offers a different Export Format that helps you to choose the best format for your video. CapCut also provides the option to export videos as animated GIFs, which is great for sharing short, looping animations on social media. You can also Export your video in AVI, WMV, and MOV Formats.

User Friendly

Alight Motion Provides a User-Friendly interface that helps new users to use this app easily. You see other editing apps are so complex and are not easy to use but Alight Motion is a great app for Beginner to start their editing career and create amazing videos, graphics, and animation.

Capcut has a User-Friendly interface that helps the user to edit their video animation and graphics. This app has a simple layout and easy-to-use Features and Tools so that the user can easily use it. Capcut user-friendly interface makes it a great choice for newbies.

Stylish Fonts

Alight Motion App
Alight Motion App

Alight Motion Provides a huge range of Stylish Fonts to their users that can be used to add text to your videos. Alight Motion App provides a Complete library where you have access to over 2000 Plus Premium Quality Stylish Fonts that add beauty to your video.

Capcut offers multiple fonts that can be used in your video animation and graphics. This app provides you with just 100 Stylish Fonts that all are Premium Quality. The app offers over 100 different fonts that are organized into categories such as Handwriting, Classic, and Modern, making it easy for users to find the perfect font for their videos.


Alight Motion App Provides Paid Subscriptions to their users that Cost $0.99 Weekly, $4.99 Monthly, and $28.99 Yearly bases. On the other hand, Capcut is a 100% free app that allows users to use all of its Premium Tools and Features For Free.

Pros and Cons of Alight Motion

Alight Motion and Capcut



  • User-Friendly Interface
  • 2000 Plus Premium Quality Stylish Fonts
  • Advanced Editing Tool and Features
  • Multiple Export Formats
  • Premium Effects and Filters
  • Paid Subscription
  • Limited Features in Free Version
  • Watermark in Free Version
  • Only for Android

Pros Cons of Capcut



  • Free to Use
  • Basic Editing Tools
  • Easy to Use for Beginners
  • 100 Stylish Fonts
  • Not advanced Features and Tools
  • Limited video Editing Features
  • Only For Mobile

Which is a Better App?

Both Apps have their Pros and Cons But Alight Motion is a better App for Professional work because it provides you with a lot of Advanced and Premium tools that make your editing Look Great. On the other hand, Capcut is easy to use app with basic Photo & Video Editing Tools. That is best for Beginners.


Alight Motion and Capcut both are Amazing Apps that helps the user to create their favorite video, animation, and Graphics. Alight Motion is an advanced app for Professional use and Capcut is a basic Photo & Video Editing App with a simple interface that helps beginners edit easily. Both editing app has their Pros and Cons. In this article, we have told you all about Alight Motion Vs Capcut which is the better app. I hope this article helps you to choose the best one. If you have any questions you can comment to me below.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Yes, You can use Alight Motion free with limited features and Tools.

The Capcut app is only for Android users however you can use it on your PC with the help of an emulator.

Alight Motion is a better App for Professional use it Provides users with multiple of Audio editing Tools.