How to Use Alight Motion QR CODE on Android and iPhone

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QR codes are a type of barcode that can be scanned by a mobile phone to reveal a message or link. We see them everywhere – on products, billboards, posters, and even in restaurants. Alight Motion QR CODE is an amazing feature of Alight Motion that is the world-famous Photo & Video Editing App that allows users to create their Graphics and animation by using their Premium Tools and Features. 

By using the Alight Motion QR CODE users can easily share their videos and graphics easily with others. In this article, we will take a closer look at what Alight Motion QR codes are, how to create them, how to use them effectively, and also knows which are the best QR CODES.

What is Alight Motion QR CODE?

Alight Motion QR Code

The Alight Motion QR Code is a type of QR Code that is created by the Alight Motion App. Alight Motion QR codes are a powerful tool for sharing video, images, animation, and graphics with their audience that help you to engage and interact with new audiences. When the user scanned the QR Code by using Mobile Phone, the code directs the user to the Alight Motion app which contains information about specific Graphics, videos, or animations created within the app.

How to Create Alight Motion QR CODE on Android

Alight Motion QR CODE is an amazing way to share your Content with your audience or on social Media. If you want to Create a QR CODE Free you can follow the below easy Steps.

  • Open the Alight Motion App Create your Graphics and Video and Download it in a video File.
  • Go to Google and Search QR CODE Generator Tool. There are different tools available on the internet you can select one from CODE Chimp or QR CODE Monkey.
  • Now Open the QR CODE Generator Tool Click on the “URL” Option and Paste the “URL” of your video File.
  • After that, you can customize your QR CODE and Select the Color and Shape of your CODE.
  • Save the CODE and save it on your Device.

Now you can share the Alight Motion QR CODE with others. When someone Scans your QR CODE it will redirect to Alight Motion App where he can see your work.

How to Create Alight Motion QR CODE on iPhone

Before Creating an Alight Motion QR CODE on your iPhone you need to download and install the Alight Motion app on your iPhone. You can Download it From the App Store by Searching the Alight Motion app and Clicking on the install Button you can download the App on your iPhone.

After Downloading App you can start Creating your Project then you can Follow the below Steps.

  • Open the App and Click on the “File icon” in the Top Left Corner
  • Select “ import” From the Drop-down menu
  • Wait for your Project to import the QR CDOE
  • In the Top right Corner Click on the “ Export” Button
  • Select your “QR CODE Generate” from the list of options
  • The Code will be Generated and Save to your Device
  • Now you can Share the Alight Motion QR CODE with others

How to Use Alight Motion QR CODE

After Creating Alight Motion QR CODE now you can share this CODE with Others.

Here are the Steps.

  • Share the QR CODE: Share the Alight QR CODE with your Client to scan and See your sample work you can share it through Social media or WhatsApp or other platforms.
  • Scan QR CODE: The Person with whom you share the CODE uses the mobile phone camera or a QR CODE Scanner to scan the Code.
  • Open Project: After Scanning the Alight Motion QR CODE the App will open automatically and the Client and Person see your work and Special Project on the App.


Alight Motion QR CODE is the Best way to share your Project with others. Users can create these QR codes on their Mobile phones and iPhones. When you are collaborating with a team or sharing your work with friends and family, using a QR code is a great way to make it easier for others to access your project. By following the steps above, you can easily generate the Alight Motion QR CODE.

I hope this article, provides Good knowledge about QR CODE. If you have any questions you can comment to me below.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Yes, You can Generate the QR CODE by Following the Above Process for Creating a QR CODE on iPhone and Android.

Alight Motion QR codes are for one-time use only, meaning that once the code is scanned and the project is accessed, the code becomes invalid.

Yes, you can share your Alight Motion QR code on social media platforms or messaging apps to make it easier for others to access your project.